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The Hockey Department's Elite Shooting & Scoring Development Camp is designed for motivated hockey players looking to maximize their off-season shooting & scoring development. This program is balanced with both European and North American influences designed to mould the players game so they are confident and effective in all offensive scoring situations. Speed, timing and accuracy in scoring situations have to be weapons in every players game today as their time and space is continually being taken away more and more each season. This camp will focus on skills that are taught at the highest level, used by the best scorers in today's game and are easily game transferred. All the players will learn how, why and when to use all the skills being taught in great detail with a high correction rate.  


  • Shooting - The players will be learning the fundamentals and mechanics to master 8 pure shooting techniques. We don't teach a lot of stationary shooting as the players will be continuously moving, shooting in-stride, under pressure and put out of their comfort zone to mimic patterned game situations. 

  • Fake + shot - The players will be learning 12 high percentage fakes to add to their skill sets and they will be shown how to pair these fakes with their shot selections. 

  • Deke's - The players will be shown over 12 practical deke's that are effective in tight on the goalie or with time and space. 

  • ​Pass + shot - The players will be shown a number of different ways to consistently receive high patterned game situational passes that are in their skates, behind, in-front, backhand, for-hand all while still releasing a quality shot. 

  • Pressure shooting - While under pressure, players will learn pressure tactics to add to their shooting skills and puck protection skills to fight off body/stick checks so they can still release quality shots in scoring areas. 


    ​We will be working on a number of other shooting and scoring skills as well, while we continuously develop the players hockey IQ every opportunity. Like all of our programs, we pride ourselves in having small class sizes, attention to detail, high correction rate and our dedication to every players ongoing development. Please register below!



2571 Lancaster rd.

NA Rink (Big Ice)




@ 3-5PM



$340, includes jersey & hst.

​*Returning players receive a $20 discount, details below.


  • 20/20 Referral Discount: When you refer another player and they register for any new program, they will save 20% off initial registration and you will receive a 20% discount credit for future use on any new registration.

  • Jerseys: Returning players must bring Hockey Department jersey to receive $20 jersey discount.

  • ​12 players max.

  • ​Professional instructors.

  • All players must bring their own water bottle.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Knight anytime @ 613-899-7820 

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