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The Hockey Department's AAA/AA Battle Camp is designed for motivated hockey players looking to maximize their off-season battle skills & game situational development. This camp is balanced with both European and North american influences designed to massively increase the players game performance by developing the tight area battle skills in high patterned game situations. Every shift, players are challenged with a number of different battle situations and this is where players need to be the most consistent or they won't be effective. Working hard and grinding it out to win a puck battle is great but if players are not using a systematic approach they will lose more than they win. This camp will provide the players with a Battle System that teaches a strategic and methodical approach to any battle situation. The players will come away full of confidence knowing they have the skills and system to handle any battle their faced with in a game. This Battle System was development by Mike Knight, with his professional playing and teaching experience, as well as, having worked with NHL Skating & Skills coaches to perfect a Battle Skills Program that will provide the player's with guaranteed results.

This camp has the player in mind and is also a progressive program where each day, new skills are learned and/or built upon. Every drill will challenge the players to get out of their comfort zone, keep their mind and body in sync and strive for perfection every rep. All the players will learn how, why and when to use all the skills being taught in great detail with a high correction rate. Please register below!


  •  Skating technique & tactics - The foundation of this battle system is skating technique. Players will progressively learn this skating technique and will be performing high corrective repetitions to master these skills. Speed, power, agility and form are the main area's of development here. 

  • Puck protection skills - All players will learn a puck protection system that will instill confidence in any battle situation. the players will be continuously tested with game situational battle scenarios and learn the skills needed to dictate the play.

  • Body contact - All players will learn how to give and receive checks strategically and safely. Maintaining/gaining body position and puck possession/puck separation skills will be developed. 

  • Time & space development - All players will learn how to control, gain and take away time and space in numerous high patterned game situations. 

  • Puck protection - All players will be developing their puck protection skills every class as they use these skills every shift in a game. The players will be tested with game situations and with numerous drills to develop their puck protection skills.

  • Games - A number of different and creative games will be played each day. All the players will be encouraged to maintain good habits, apply the skills worked on and compete hard. These games will mimic game situations and test the players battle skills continuously. 


    We will be working on a number of other skills as well, while we continuously develop the players hockey IQ every opportunity. Like all of our programs, we pride ourselves in having small class sizes, attention to detail, high correction rate and our dedication to every players ongoing development. 



2571 Lancaster rd.

(Big Ice)



2,3,4,5 @ 130-330pm


  1.  $420. Includes jersey & taxes.

  2. ​​Jersey fee discount: Returning players with a Hockey Department jersey will receive a $20 discount. If paying online, please contact for promo code before checking out.


  • Jerseys: Returning players must bring Hockey Department jersey to receive $20 jersey discount.

  • ​12 players max.

  • Minimum 2-3 instructors each session.

  • All players must bring their own water bottle.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Knight anytime @ 613-899-7820 

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