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AAA 2012's

Welcome to an off-season development program that promises to redefine and elevate your game in the areas that count the most! At Mike Knight Hockey Development, we're thrilled to introduce you to our dynamic off-season hockey development program. Aspiring players will experience a unique blend of training, mentoring, and skill enhancement that will elevate their games to unprecedented heights. We understand the dedication and passion the players and families bring to the sport. We're committed to amplifying that commitment through a personalized coaching experience, innovative modern training methods, and a highly supportive learning atmosphere. Selecting an elite off-season development program can prove to be a daunting task, often resulting in parents enrolling their son in numerous programs, only to encounter a significant variance in the value they receive. By adopting or continuing the above approach, the player fails to fully capitalize on the limited off-season timeframe, which is crucial for individual improvement and preparation for the next level. This program alleviates this stress by offering players a comprehensive and professionally structured off-season development program, covering every on-ice aspect from start to finish.

  • Practices will be fully pre-planned and have a committed focus on individual skill development, position specific skills and Hockey I.Q.

  • Every week, each player will be provided with videos tailored to specific skills and game development objectives. These videos will align with  the practice theme of the week, encompassing a gradual progression of relevant skills. (Weekly video link example:

  • Practices rich in problem solving to enhance hockey IQ and maximize the transfer of skills to game play.

  • Every session will feature advanced, progressive skills that are exclusive to this program (such as game-oriented skating, dynamic edge control, precision passing, strategic shooting, effective body contact, masterful puck protection, manipulating opponents, time and space creation, tactical problem-solving, and beyond).

  • April - July: 16 weeks, 2 x 2 hour practice sessions per week.

  • Additional 5 inter-squad games and 5 exhibition games.

  • Every player receives a custom reversible jersey, socks and two MK Hockey hats.

  • Mike Knight will be at every session as well as leading every session.

  • A professionally organized off-season program, strategically designed to ensure players are at their peak performance for main team camps.

  • This program ditches the weekend tournaments and takes a detour into the world of an alternative approach. Say goodbye to the tournament frenzy, we're here to chart a different course! 

  • This platform serves as an all-encompassing on-ice development program, eliminating the necessity for supplementary ice time elsewhere.

  • Each player will dive into a lot of cutting-edge concepts, knowledge, and skills straight from the genius playbook of the game's most creative coaching minds.

  • The same set of 15 players will remain constant throughout the entire 16-week off-season program.

  • To ensure this program is the right fit for interested players, an application process is in place.

  • The program is not intended to involve players in an additional 5-10 spring tournaments, which would entail an extra 20-50+ games accompanied by travel and expenses. This approach may not be advisable, considering that players have recently concluded a demanding 40-50+ game season, encompassing regular games, tournaments, and playoffs. While we acknowledge your desire to offer your son the best chance for improvement and enjoyable gameplay, it's worth noting that many times, spring hockey tournament platforms do not align with this intention. I can assure you that from now until Summer 2024, your son will encounter numerous spring coaches, teams, and "prospect tournaments" consistently vying for his participation. Your families time is a valuable and should be spent wisely by saying 'no' to what doesn't align with the bigger development picture. If your son's goal is to graduate from AAA minor hockey to the Jr level and beyond, there are only 4 off-seasons left to take advantage of. The off-season should ideally serve as a period of rest for young players, allowing them to engage in other sports, socialize with friends, enhance physical and mental aspects, and make the most of the time outside team structures to enhance individual hockey skills.

  • Crafted with a keen player-centric approach, this program is driven by the unwavering goal of equipping the players with a the right tools, ensuring their readiness for the next level!

  • Physical Regeneration and Recovery: The demands of a hockey season can take a toll on a player's body. This program offers a valuable opportunity for rest and recovery, allowing players to heal from any injuries, alleviate accumulated stress, and ensure they're in prime physical condition for the upcoming season.

  • Strength and Conditioning: A key aspect of the off-season is dedicating time to building and refining physical strength and conditioning. This phase includes targeted workouts to enhance muscle strength, endurance, agility, and overall athleticism. The improved physical foundation gained during the off-season can significantly impact on-ice performance. We advise seeking out a professional off-ice strength & conditioning coach to supplement this on-ice development program.

  • Skill Development and Refinement:  Players must use the off-season to fine-tune their skills. Whether it's perfecting shooting techniques, mastering stickhandling, or improving puck protection skills, this program provides the necessary time to focus on enhancing core abilities without the immediate pressures of games.

  • Tactical and Strategic Growth: Hockey is a mentally demanding sport that requires quick decision-making and tactical awareness. This program offers an opportunity for players to delve deeper into the strategic aspects of the game, sharpening their understanding of plays, positioning, and teamwork.

  • Ideal Posture and Technique: In the off-season, players should concentrate on adopting and maintaining ideal posture and techniques. Establishing these fundamentals is crucial for consistently executing moves like shooting, passing, and hitting accurately and effectively.

  • Mental Preparation: Hockey is not only a physical sport but also a mental one. The off-season is the ideal time to work on mental aspects such as focus, resilience, and confidence. 

  • The off-season is a golden opportunity for players to evolve, both physically and mentally. It's a time of dedication, improvement, and preparation for the challenges that lie ahead. The investment made during this period often translates into significant performance gains when the regular season returns. For those who truly understand the value of the off-season, it's not a break from hockey; it's a strategic step toward excellence.

  • 15 total players will be accepted into the program.

  • Application process opens September 1st 2023.

  • To apply, please fill out the below form.

  • Accepted players will be notified and confirmed by Mike Knight.

  • Pricing and further details will be provided via email after your application is received.

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