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AAA - 2005/2006


This Elite Defence Camp is designed for defencemen who are looking to learn a consistent system that will change their games over night, not only defensively but offensively as well. This game changing system is called the Lidstrom System, named after NHL's Niklas Lidstrom of the Detroit Red Wings. Lidstrom was known for his consistency, smooth skating, big shot, poise and patience with the puck, vision, stick control, containment skills, evasiveness, offensive skills and being a great leader just to name a few. Lead instructor Mike Knight, learned the foundation of the Lidstrom System from NHL coaches who spent hundred's of hours analyzing Lidstrom's overall game and what made him so consistently dominant every shift his entire career. What these NHL coaches learned was ahead of it's time and still is, as this system is even more effective in today's high speed game. Mike Knight has taken what he learned from those NHL coaches and combined it with his own detailed analysis and experience to perfect this system. 


  • Tactical & evasive skating - The foundation of the Lidstrom System is skating technique. Players will progressively learn this skating technique and will be performing high corrective repetitions to master this skill. Speed, power, agility and form are the main area's of development here. 

  • 1 on 1, tight area containing skills - These skills are where all defencemen need to be the most consistent and skilled because every mistake is magnified. Having said that, every mistake here will provide instant feedback so the players can learn to self correct and get confident using the system at all times. All defencemen will learn how to methodically control the 1 on 1 from start to finish and develop their quick transition skills.

  • 1 on 1 & 2 on 1's- The players will learn strategic angling skills, landmark ID, gap control, gear changing, stick tactics as well as many more skills to simplify and instill consistency in these high patterned game situations. 

  • Point shots & safe fakes - The players will learn a number of shooting skills from the point to consistently be powerful and accurate. A number of fakes will also be developed to evade attackers trying to block shooting and passing lanes.

  • Net front presence & control - The players will learn how to effectively protect their own net front, a number of stick control tactics and how to strategically control any sized opponent. 

  • Breakouts & disguised passing - The players will learn a simple yet highly effective decision making system, learn how to QB rush's and breakouts. Consistent passing skills and disguised passing will also be worked on.

  • Puck retrieval & absorbing hits safely - When defencemen have their back to the forechecker who is coming with speed, it can be very dangerous and is also an area where a lot of D-zone turnovers are caused. The players will learn how to absorb hits safely & methodically while still controlling the play and maintaining puck possession. 

  • Puck protection skills - These skills are extremely important for defencemen so the players will be tested with game situational pressure in high patterned locations to develop these skills. 


    ​We will be working on a number of other defence specific skills as well, while we continuously develop the players hockey IQ every opportunity. Like all of our programs, we pride ourselves in having small class sizes, attention to detail, high correction rate and our dedication to every players ongoing development. Please register below!



2571 Lancaster rd.

(Big Ice)



8,9,10,11 @ 5-7pm



  1.  $420. Includes jersey & taxes.

  2. ​​Jersey fee discount: Returning players with a Hockey Department jersey will receive a $20 discount. If paying online, please contact for promo code before checking out.


  • Jerseys: Returning players must bring Hockey Department jersey to receive $20 jersey discount.

  • ​12 players max.

  • ​Professional instructors.

  • All players must bring their own water bottle.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Knight anytime @ 613-899-7820 

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