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The Hockey Department's Elite Skills Development Program is designed for motivated hockey players looking to maximize their off-season skills development. This weekly program is balanced with both European and North American influences designed to massively increase overall puck control skills, shooting skills, confidence with the puck and develop the specific areas needed for the next level. Mike Knight, with his professional playing and teaching experience, as well as having worked with NHL skills coaches, has perfected a skills program that will provide the player's with guaranteed results. 


This weekly off-season program has the player in mind and is also a progressive program where each week, new skills are learned and/or built upon. Every drill will challenge the players to get out of their comfort zone, keep their mind and body in sync and strive for perfection every rep. All the players will learn how, why and when to use all the skills being taught in great detail with a high correction rate. For those of you who are new to The Hockey Department's Programs, we like to use a number of different types of obstacles and decoys on the ice. We are always developing unique drills and have a lot of fun creating new ways to develop our players.


  • Puck control & confidence - All players will be continuously challenged with difficult puck handling & hand/eye co-ordination drills with high corrective repetitions. The players will be forced out of their comfort zone and tested with countless drills where they sometimes dangle through an entire obstacle course or have to protect the puck using intense pressure tactics, just as examples. The players puck confidence rapidly develops with this type of training and transfers to the rest of their game.

  • Shooting - All players will be learning the fundamentals and mechanics on a number of different shooting techniques and skills. We don't teach a lot of stationary shooting as the players will be continuously moving, shooting in-stride, under pressure and put out of their comfort zone to mimic patterned game situations.

  • Evasive skating - All players will learn how to evade opponents in a number of patterned game situations and learn how to dictate the play.

  • Balance, agility, athleticism - All will be continuously challenged and developed. 

  • Tight area mobility - This area of development will be focused on a lot, applying and combining a number of skills mainly because every player is challenged in tight area's every shift in a game.

  • Game situational techniques - All players will learn a number of skating skills and techniques that are game situational and transferable. 

  • Puck protection - All players will be developing their puck protection skills every class as they use these skills every shift in a game. The players will be tested with game situations and with numerous drills to develop their puck protection skills.

  • Games - A number of different and creative games will be played every class. All players will be encouraged to maintain good habits, apply the skills worked on and compete hard. 

  • High tempo flow drills - A variety of high tempo flow drills will be mixed in which will be designed to challenge the players skills, game situational play, good habits, speed and compete level. 


We will be working on a number of other skills as well, while we continuously develop the players hockey IQ every opportunity. 


- Centre Slush Puppie

- Complexe Branchaud-Briere


Please contact for updated schedule



Please contact for updated pricing details.​


  • 20 players max. Minimum 2 instructors each session.

  • All players must bring their own water bottle.

  • CANCELLATION POLICY: A minimum of 7 days notice is required if a player is going to be absent from a confirmed class to receive a class credit. There will be no refunds or class credits if the 7 days notice isn't met. If there is an association team conflict that arises (eg. try-outs, camps) please provide as much notice as possible.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mike Knight anytime @ 613-899-7820

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